Technical Reports

Within the studies development, Global Geology SAS presents its clients technical reports that fulfill the required standards for project release.

Norm 43-101

NI 43-101 is a norm that has been developed by Canadian stock administrators (CSA) and managed by provincial stock commissions, which issues scientific and technical information to the public, regardinglocal mineral related projects. It is required that every disclosure is based on a qualified person’s advice and in some circumstances, that the person has no direct relation with the issuer or property.


The JORC Code from Australia consists of reports that contain results for exploration, reserves and mineral resources (JORC Code, 2004 edition). This was included in the Rules for Quoting in the Australian Stock Market (ASX) and New Zeeland’s Stock Market (NZX). Its fulfillment is mandatory in all groups quoted by the ASX or NZX.

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