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Global Geology’s mission is to contribute to the national development ofthe geological and mining industries by formulating and executing projects or transactions that generate benefits to our clients and collaborators. To accomplish this, Global Geology relies on qualified human talent, knowledge and appropriate technologies; the basis for all action is our standards for social responsibility, environmental care and citizen ethics.


By the year 2020, Global Geology SAS aspires to become the most recognized company in financial evaluations and technical studies for project development within the field of geology, with an emphasis in environmental care. Global Geology aims to employ some of the best consultants in Latin America and has access to top of the line equipment and technology to secure investments and necessary profits in order to achieve growth and development for its clients and collaborators.

Quality of Care

*Personal Integrity That Transcends Throughout The Organization to demonstrate discipline, order, respect, honesty and enthusiasm.

*Creativity And Innovation as a part of our daily goals in order to maintain continuous improvement and total satisfaction of our clients.

*Superior Productivity on the joband while utilizing organizational resources.

* Conscious Quality Improvement by ensuring error-free labor and maintaining a loyal commitment to the company while exceeding quality standards.

* Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Policy

Execute every assigned project in a way that is socially conscious and environmentally sustainable, looking to permanently improve pollution control and waste minimization.

Maintaintimely and transparent communication with clients, workers and the community about the activities in each project and its connotation to the society and environment. Assure worthy and fair treatment to the employees in the organization by respecting their rights, their ideas and aspirations, within laws and applicable regulations.
Aseguramiento del trato digno y justo a los empleados de la organización, respetando sus derechos, sus ideas y sus aspiraciones, dentro del marco de las leyes y regulaciones aplicables.

Assure sustainable development through actions that transform the economic growth in financial earnings, and further: promote better quality of life, protect the community, and contribute to strengthening the democratic institutionalityamongst the involved countries.

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