• Geological Services

  • Exploration Services

  • Exploring our natural resources

Geologic exploration and prospection

The work team consists of geologists with extensive experience en geological projects for the global mining industry, providing solutions to multiple situations presented in different mining projects.

Geological Services
  • Exploration programs design and management
  • Geological model construction and reserve estimation
  • Geological programs
  • Regional geological cartography – different scales
  • Detailed cartography. Scales 1:25.000 – 1:10.000 or 1:5.000
  • Mineral deposit cartography. Scales 1:5.000 – 1:2.000
  • Technological cartography for deposits
  • Stratigraphic column lifting
  • Balanced section elaboration
  • Applied Geomorphology
Exploration Services:

  • Geological and financial exploration and appraisal of mineral deposits
  • Photo-geological and satellite interpretation
  • Design and management for geophysical exploration projects
  • Geochemistry for active sediments, pulverized rock exploration, channel sampling and mesh sampling for statistic treatment and anomaly determination
  • Sampling for petrophysics, petrography, geoquemistry, biostratigraphy and paleontology
  • Seismic, gravimetric and magnetometric analysis
  • Sample studies at site with the help of latest technology resources

Natural Reserve Analysis

  • Complete resource and reserve analysis
  • Analysis of financial reserve
  • Due dilligence during geological investigations

Support services for mine operation

  • Consulting or intermediation during the buy/sell process of titles or mining properties
  • Technical and legal administration of mining titles; technical and managerial execution of grant contracts
  • Mining project management during the exploration and/or exploitation stages
  • Geological and mining auditing

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